Hello again readers! I’m Cristina, and I was wondering if you have already visited those places I mentioned in the previous readings… This time the Salamanca Tourist Office next to the Convention and Exhibition Center has made me a guide of the places of interest that I can visit on my own, so… Here we go!

Salamanca has a great list of activities to enjoy. I have been getting to know some of its most symbolic cultural spaces, which should not be missed during a visit to this beautiful city ..

The first day I went to visit theArt Nouveau and Art Deco Museum – Casa Lis, which has a great exhibition of furniture , porcelain objects, dolls… I think my favourite collection has been the French style furniture.

The stained glass windows as well as the interior design is superb, also its courtyard terrace with high views of the city. . Taking advantage of the good weather, I sat down to have a coffee… it’s very pleasant.

You can’t take photos inside, but…. Here’s a photo of the terrace to make you want to go!

After browsing in his own shop, I visited the Masonic Lodge, a museum that tells the story of the origins and history of the Spanish Civil War. Culturally, it is very interesting, especially for history buffs.


A few minutes away from the museum is the Calisto and Melibea orchard, which is well known in the city. The garden is full of trees and
beautiful flowers and its views serve as a lookout point.

If you turn to the side of the entrance you have a great view of thecathedral..

It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon in peace.

Continuing with the morning walk, the Palace of Monterrey, 5 minutes from the Plaza Mayor, offers a guided tour of some of its interior areas, as it is currently the property and residence of the Ducal House of Alba.

From its towers there is a perfect view of the length of the Calle de la Compañía and the towers of the cathedral in the background.

TheMonumento Salmanticae museum tells the story of the evolution of the city of Salamanca, a good visit if you want to know the process by which the city has undergone transformations due to necessary changes, wars, etc. It has a very original model of Salamanca, with coloured lights indicating the areas that are being explained.

Before continuing with the itinerary I had a rest on the pleasant terrace of the Jesuitas Park while I had a drink to go to the next stop which was my favourite: the contemporary art museum, Domus Artium 2002 has some very original paintings and sculptures.

The spaciousness of the room is perfectly decorated with these colourful abstract brushstrokes. There are several rooms with different exhibitions and projections that tell different stories. There are several rooms with different exhibitions and projections that tell different stories.


A good option to take advantage of the midday light is to climb theTorres de la Clerecía, Scala Coeli, where you can enjoy incredible views of the whole city. At the top is the bell tower, “the roof of heaven”, so called because of the desire to be as close as possible.

We will continue wandering between towers and heights because we are heading towards the favourite recommendation of almost all Salmantinos, which is to climb the towers of the cathedral, known as Ieronimus.

You have to be mentally prepared to get a bit tired of the amount of stairs you have to climb…! On the walkways inside, you can see the great altarpiece and the imposing architecture and decoration. Personally, I loved feeling so much altitude inside a cathedral. When we finish climbing the stairs and reach the towers, there are walkways between them and the sensation is incredible, accompanied by the views, clearly.

You are literally walking between the façade of the towers, watching as some towers tower above you. A few minutes later, leaning on one of the railings, I suddenly saw a stork next to its nest. It was in front of me, and I remembered the seagulls of my beautiful city of Gijón.

Without a doubt, that visit is one to repeat and I can say that Salamanca has made me fall in love with it more… although if you are afraid of heights… think about it a bit!

Salamanca, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and known as “The Golden City” is located in the autonomous community of Castilla y León.

A lot of its vitality and essence lies in the number of students who live here and come to pursue their university studies It should be noted that the oldest university in Spain, founded in 1218, is located here.

Throughout its history, great personalities have passed through it, such as Miguel de Unamuno, friar Luis de León, Fernando de Rojas, among others.

It is undoubtedly a monumental city full of history and culture.

My name is Cristina and as a student of Travel Agency and Event Management, and with the great opportunity of being able to be doing internships at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Salamanca, I have been lucky enough to be able to participate as a tourist in guided tours, and to have access to the most transcendental cultural places in the city, but…, you will also come with me through reading!







My tour of Salamanca begins by learning about the history of the “Paseo de las Órdenes Militares“, with the idea of discovering its historical and urban evolution with an itinerary that makes me go through the Plaza Mayor, which, without a doubt, is the great symbol of the city, and was designed by Alberto Churriguera with a baroque style. Its decoration includes medallions with the faces of historical figures





Although it seems square, it is not, and as Miguel de Unamuno said: “It is an irregular quadrilateral, but amazingly harmonious”.

It has 88 arches and on the façade of the Town Hall there are four sculptures that are allegories of agriculture, commerce, industry and geography, and three bells on top. Its architecture is quite complex and deserves a much more detailed description, but these are some details that caught my attention.

Forinstance, it is full of terraces and restaurants, so it almost always has a great atmosphere. This means that eating, dining or just having a drink is a good option to admire the square. The light reflected on it is magical at any time of the day… especially during sunset, my favorite moment.

We continue walking towards the Church of San Julian, a bit hidden and mainly Romanesque. A few minutes away is the Church of Sancti Spiritus (after climbing a huge hill that tests your fitness haha!). It has a Gothic structure with plateresque decoration Inside we could see the choir and the chapel with a Mudejar coffered ceiling from the 15th and 16th centuries, the Cristo de los Milagros, and the main altarpiece. Still inside, we took the opportunity to snap a photo for the social networks of the Salamanca Tourist Office.

Iglesia de San Julian

Church of Santi Spiritus

Cristo de los Milagros de la Iglesia Sancti Spiritus

High Altarpiece of the Church of Sancti Spiritus

We continue to the Church of San Cristóbalobserving it only from the outside.

In the explanation of its history, I was surprised by two curious facts about this beautiful Romanesque church. Opposite to the church is the statue of San Cristóbal, the patron saint of carriers, whose legend tells of the magnificent deed he did in transporting Christ from one side of the river to the other.

At the edge of it are temples where people were buried in the past. If you walk past them it looks like they are just stones, but they hide much more than that…



We pass the beautiful Torre del Clavero, a military fortress from the 15th century, we go through narrow streets and arrive at the Church of Santo Tomás Canturiense, Romanesque from the 12th century, also seen from the outside, and we finish in front of the Colegio de Calatrava, the seat of the Casa de la Iglesia.

Colegio de Calatrava

Torre del Clavero

Iglesia de Santo Tomás Cantuariense

The Convention Center of Salamanca is located in an ideal setting, from the building we can enjoy a walk through the historic center until we reach the beautiful Plaza Mayor, with its Churrigueresque-style, passing through the House of Shells and very close to our famous university, with the opportunity to find the frog and make a wish, according to the legend.

Enjoy the joyin the streets of our city, with its university atmosphere, the kindness of the people who work in local businesses, and its infinite beauty!!!

The streets are full of magic, with the background murmur of the people that live here, the people that work in the area and the people that are visiting. The best thing in life is to be able to enjoy the richness of the heritage among the babble of the people who walk downtown.

Our support for sustainable events is unconditional. All the people that make up the Convention Center team supports ecological awareness, and that is why we believe it is essential to walk when doing different social activities or going to different places in the city (including hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, among others). We encourage walking and we wish you a very happy stay in Salamanca, without the need of using any means of transport.

We want to ensure that any event held at the Convention Center is respectful with the environment and human health. We provide added value in these aspects and we try to do everything in our power to support this important cause, because the time is now and we cannot let it pass.

In addition, for the experience to be complete, you can breathe the fresh air in the gardens of the Vaguada and charge yourself with that necessary energy in order to face a day full of adventures.

Finally, I would sum it all up with the following quartet: closeness, beauty, sustainability and joy.

A Convention Center in the heart of the city, a Convention Center by your side!!!

Announcing that the next congress is going to be held in Salamanca produces a smile in the attendee that does not go away easily, because Salamanca has many reasons to be one of the most attractive and easiest cities when it comes to organizing a congress. We are going to give you 5 reasons.

It is a comfortable city.

Salamanca is a very comfortable city!

Due to the size of the city, transportation is not necessary. You arrive in Salamanca and forget about finding ways of transportation because you can walk everywhere, including the Convention and Exhibition Center of Salamanca, which is in the historic center of the city.

It is a cosmopolitan city.

When you go through the streets of Salamanca you can see people from all over the world! And this happens for many reasons: high level of tourism that the city hosts, the fact that it is one of the favorite cities of students to go to during their Erasmus excahnge and to study the Spanish language. In addition, the two universities and several research centers that Salamanca attract a multitude of professionals every year. Did you know that in 2019 more than 19% of the events held in Salamanca were international?

It is a city full of culture and entertainment.

We are not going to tell you that Salamanca is a World Heritage City, nor that it is the European Cultural Capital of 2002. We are going to tell you that when the scientific program of a congress ends, the entertainment program begins and the attendees continue to bond and create connections. The city really helps with this 🙂

It is a city with great gastronomy.

One of the things that attendees value most at a conference is food! Cheese and Iberian meat tastings, tapas routes, tasting of typical dishes from Salamanca using local products. It is an experience that turns the congress into a very pleasant memory!

It is a MICE city.

Salamanca has a long track of holding conferences.

It has a Convention Center that can accommodate more than 2,000 people.

Numerous quality hotels with an offer of more than 5,500 hotel beds in total.

A group of professionals who will help you with the organization process.

And above all, each event held in Salamanca is not just any event: Both public and private entities in the city collaborate so that everything goes perfectly.